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Originally Posted by Red Duke View Post
Car has now gone in for a few bits, main work is the Japspeed radiator fitting, the gearbox / clutch work and AC to be refitted! The guys are very busy with race car preps and race meetings, so I've said no rush on my GTR.

I've got some of my parts coming next week and ordered a couple more. Couple of bits I forgot to list too. Not expecting some of it until mid-end September though!
  • OEM air box bolts
  • OEM rear wiper motor bolts
  • OEM wiper arm bolt covers (these don't come with new wiper arms!)
  • OEM rear wiper washer and seal kit
  • Nismo oil separator

I've read the S15 rear boot brace fits the R33 GTR, so I bought myself a Japspeed S15 rear boot brace as genuine Nissan braces seem to be like gold dust! I hit up eBay for 19mm M10 spacers and M10 50mm fine thread bolts as I can only get 45mm or 60mm from work, can't fit it yet though, obviously! I'm thinking about spraying it satin black or the light silver Nissan / Nismo use, does anyone know the paint code?
I have one on mine (boot brace)
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