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Originally Posted by kevr32 View Post
Nice write up, I bet it looks like a Nissan stock room at your place, good to see the OEM bits going back on, never did understand why anyone would remove the air con in the first place, and nothing wrong with refreshing the original parts rather than buying new, something I tend to do myself from time to time.
Thanks Kev, means a lot to me coming from you! I just wish I had the space to do it all myself like you do! (that, and the skill / bravery to pull things apart!) - Aye it does look like a stock room! - I promised the wife I wouldn't buy anything else ages ago, well, that kinda went the side a bit and I've bought a lot more than I anticipated. Totalled it all up the other night, oh my!

Still, more OEM to come in the future! I want all the window seals, few changes to the interior panels (moving my fog light switch...) plenty of work to be doing. Once the car is back I'll get the rear boot board finished and trimmed around the new lower boot brace.

How's the 32 coming? Any more pics?
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