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Originally Posted by dtox View Post
Folding mirrors - Mine is by a company called Top Secret think it was £100 pretty simple to install - they can be tempermental now and again
don't bother with 4 tail light - when the lights are on it looks silly as one is will darker - you can get your self a set of 2011 - 2013 head lights cheap enough, even sell your 09 ones as well then they will work better
Folding mirrors - yes they can be, remove battery + for 5 mins and back on seems to sort mine out

4 tail light - mine are all the same brightness and look quite cool.

Originally Posted by dudersvr View Post
My 4 light kit is not different brightness
Originally Posted by GlastoVeteran View Post
Agreed - I've never seen an example where the lights are of different brightness.
Originally Posted by terry lloyd View Post
As above just checked mine
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