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Originally Posted by Simonh View Post
can you not re-tap the thread on the wiper motor?
Possibly, it looks like the majority of the thread is gone though unfortunately! I know the nut was cut off as it wouldn't come off of the housing. Personally, I think it is too far gone, but I'll have a look at work tonight if we have a die set that'll fit.

Worst case scenario, I already have a replacement!


Scrub all that, I went to fit the nut on my replacement motor, only to find the first ****ing three threads are missing! So much for a good replacement! Mine has the middle 2-3 threads missing. I've coaxed it on and down on both housings using a little 3 in 1 oil, cleaned up with WD40 and then another run with 3 in 1 again. They both tighten up to the bottom, I guess only time will tell if either will actually hold properly. Also went to fit the new plate and rubber, only to find they don't fit, and the rubber is a different shape to the two I have! Ugh!! I reckon the kit must be for the front, so is still useful to me, if I do that one too. I'm starting to think I shouldn't have bothered starting this now with the luck I seem to be having!

Edit 2:

Requested prices for pretty much all the seals, washers, nuts, etc. listed on Nissan Fast. I'll probably just buy the whole bloody lot, should get all the bits I need then! Don't fancy buying a new rear motor, they're about £300!

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