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Originally Posted by TAZZMAXX View Post
Just buy a bag of Quavers and use the empty bag to keep your key in
Originally Posted by dudersvr View Post
Wow, I wouldn't trust a £5 bag off ebay (or crisp packet lol), to stop my Supercar getting keyfob scanned, and then stolen by well organized tech thieves! I'm thinking more ghost AND a disklok now, what size would R35 take? small? sizes are small 35-38.9cm medium 39-41.5cm large 41.5-44cm.. on top of the usual trackers etc.

OK research on here shows -

member Evo9lution says
You can call Disklok to check but I have been reliably informed that both the Skyline GTRs and the R35 GTR require the small Disklok with the standard fitment (not wide).

Originally Posted by Trev View Post
It certainly is!
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