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Originally Posted by Takamo View Post
Yes it was, because the Ford Rs has a crap canbus system and the only way it'll work on them is to fit a separate relay which cuts the starter circuit out, so basically if bump started then no need for starter motor. I personally don't recommend them for any vehicle that requires a separate relay to be fitted, I only fit to vehicles where it immobilises the car through the can system directly and the only way to Override it would be to physically remove the ghost which if fitted to a high quality standard would be near impossible without literally replacing the whole loom because it's soo small that it can literally fit anywhere.I've been in the vehicle security industry for 33yrs and I literally test all new products on my own vehicles and if I can see any floors in it then I don't offer that product because I have a good name in the industry and that's more important to me, I'd rather sit down and have a cup of tea then supply and fit product that I know doesn't do what it says on the tin.
What do you recommend for the RS then?
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