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Imran 19th March 2018 01:50 PM

1050cc injectors and induction kit
Does anyone know if an induction kit is essential if I change the injectors to ansu 1050cc or can I just get away with using k&n panel filters? If I need an induction kit, what's the cheapest option that will work properly? I have just purchased some injectors.

Already have a y pipe fitted and was looking for a remap shortly.


charles charlie 19th March 2018 03:44 PM

You're going about this all wrong.

Folks upgrade injectors because they install larger intakes that cause the oem injectors to max out, risking the car running lean under high load.

Generally you don't install injectors first.

Here's a sensible idea.

Decide who you want to map your car and what your goals are.

Then ask them for their recommended parts list to achieve said goal.

But yes you can run a stage 4/4.25 with panel filters alone, however you've been asking questions about BOVs and intakes with regards sound, so I'm not sure that you know what you want tbh.

Imran 19th March 2018 04:00 PM

Thanks Charles. My original intention was to only go to stage one (actually original intention was to keep it standard) but you know what the upgrade bug is like!

I saw some second hand injectors which I thought I would buy now and possibly use later when I move up the stages. I have purchased the injectors today. Then I thought may as well have the injectors fitted too whilst I'm having it remapped to stage 1 rather than later to save money on any remap that maybe required later. I know the litchfield stages recommend induction kit at stage 3 and the injectors at stage 4.

However, I have heard alot of people say that the induction kit isn't good value for money compared to the increase in bhp you gain, hence I was wondering whether it is possible to use the k&n filters (which are about 85 compared to the induction kit which is approx 500+) rather using the induction kit. However, if I am not going to get the full benefit of the injectors without the induction kit then I need to reconsider.

I only wanted to add the tial BOV for the "chiiss" sound. Abit chav I know lol! Someone mentioned to me previously that I should go for the induction kit rather than the BOV hence the confusion.

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