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kramit 31st December 2018 11:03 AM

R34 GTT project
I thought I would start from the beginning from when the moment I bought it till now, I bought the car through Torque GT, started the process off in November 2014, less than a week into December they had sourced a car that perfectly suited my requirements, which was white, within budget, basically stock and has a nismo kit, at the minimum I wanted the nismo front bumper, picked it up at the beginning of April and lets just say when i first saw it I was not disappointed!

To this day I am still not disappointed with the car or anything else, I will vouch for Torque GT, their customer service has been second to none.

I had a rough start to skyline ownership, with my first engine overheating and completely cooking itself, so i replaced a few bits at the same time, such as a ali rad, new clutch and a few other bits but nothing major.

Since then i daily drove it for almost a year, in this time i removed the recirc, blanked off the bov, replaced the coilpacks with splitfires, fitted a stage 4 comp flywheel and a 5.65kg flywheel, then fitted a blitz ss bov, which then got replaced with a hks bov and hks mushroom filter.

It also had to have a replacement stock turbo, alternator and a replacement factory map sensor.

below is a couple of photos from when i bought the car and a photo from just after the replacement engine got fitted.

But now 4 years on from starting the import process off with Torque GT work can finally begin on the car.

kramit 31st December 2018 11:28 AM

only modifications the car has prior to starting this are:

Kakimoto cat back
Splitfire coilpacks
Comp clutch stage 4 and flywheel
Tien Coilovers
Air con removed
And some godawful red vacuum and conduit lines

My plan started off simple for the first part, i was just going to chuck in a Link G4+, a FMIC, IAT sensor and a wideband, then just remap it keeping the stock turbo and intake sensor, it took roughly 1 hour into the stripping of the car to completely change my mind.

The hicas is still coming out, but rather than just removing the rack and installing a lockout bar, even though my hicas has always been fully functional, i decided to just chop out the ecu, which inevitably led me to stripping the car and tracing all the wires back to remove them all.

whilst i am doing this, i thought putting the battery in the boot along with the fusebox also sounded a brilliant idea whilst i am delooming most of the car anyway, so i will do that too as well as removing all the air con wiring and the random connectors that have never gone anywhere, may as well get rid of them if they are not doing anything, as well as all this delooming i had a change of heart about some other things too.

Power steering was one of them, so that has all been removed and will be replaced with a electric pas pump / lines and cooler.

Whilst that cooler is being done, i am going to be fitting a remote filter head, sandwich plate and cooler.

Also going to get my plenum converted to FFP as it makes the FMIC pipework cleaner, but whilst i was cleaning things up and the stock TCS system doesn't work with link im ditching the old throttle body and have a electronic throttle too as this negates the need for the throttle cable, IACV and the bulky throttle body.

So that was the Hicas Ecu suitably removed and fully functional.

This is some of the aftermath of doing just cutting the loom, had to chase the cables out now didn't leave myself much choice there.

BBTuner 1st January 2019 11:55 AM

Looks nice!

For me, I'd rather keep it fully functional. Nice to have fresh air during the summer and I'd leave the HICAS there if it works. But seeing your plans about cleaning the bay, then you'll need a lot of patient :)

Red Duke 1st January 2019 12:37 PM

I can definitely also recommend keeping the air con! It was removed in my 33 GTR but given to me with the car, I had it reinstated last year as winters were bloody cold and summers were far too hot!

Car looks great btw :)

kramit 1st January 2019 09:37 PM

Duke / bb - I would agree with you both with air con, but i did pull it out about 2.5 years ago, i have only driven in one summer since then, my whole system was fully functional, only issue is one of the pipes had a small hole, only found that out went i went to refill it, i think it possibly happened the last time i moved the block to change an engine mount.

BB - I was going to keep the hicas as it has never caused me any issues, but due to the plan of moving everything i just decided i may as well get rid of it, makes everything simpler, i need to get some screen shots of my videos of the updates of where i am now.

Currently i have removed all air con cables, all dead looms, most of the hicas wiring, AFM wiring all mostly cables at the minute, including and not limited to the console port has also been removed. I will upload more photos to photobucket then write up where i am now, the car sure is in a sorry looking state bless it :(

Some of the things that have been removed never to return again are, all power steering components, air con, manual ecu, maf, throttle body, throttle cable and quite alot more, but will do a full write up later on, probably tomorrow.

V-SpecII 1st January 2019 11:06 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Good read, sorry to hear the rocky start to your ownership...

I remeber my first 'GAG' to: :smokin:

Teix777 2nd January 2019 09:03 PM

Ouch thatís painful but sounds like youíve got a good plan, good luck with it :thumbsup:

How long are you planning on for all this??

kramit 8th January 2019 02:22 PM

Yeah, it might sound painful but to be honest it is not too bad just time consuming as there is alot of wiring to do and half the time i just don't go back to the garage, timescale wise i am hoping to have it done April time, but and long as it's done by early May i'm not going to complain.

I will upload the some relevant pictures later, but currently inside the car is basically a blank canvas, there is a nice messy jumble of wires going everywhere, the handbrake and airbag unit are about the only things that have been left in situ on the centre console and the heater matrix is still there the rest is currently gone.

Inside the boot all the wires have been traced and pulled out, just need to pull out the rest of the wires from under the car where they go to the sensors for the hicas.

The front of the car has been fairly well stripped down. The fusebox wires have started to be traced out of the bonnet and pulled into the car and currently hanging out of the drivers door, i have deloomed most of the front of the car (aside from the engine loom at the minute) so i can more engine control and abs wires to the boot without extending them as they are actually long enough to get there if rerouted down the other side of the car so thats a big bonus! saves extending 4 cables :)

The only thing in my way now is the engine, so i will pulling that out of the car some time in the next couple of weeks so i can access what i need to, I have got my new ecu, throttle pedal, hicas eliminator kit and engine mounts. So still leaves me to get an electronic throttle body, convert the plenum and a few other things. Just currently trying to decide if i'm going to buy a new fusebox rather than trying to mount the rather sizeable OEM one in the boot, so currently toying with ideas there.

Above is when the car has been fairly stripped for access and below is when i went a little bit further to follow some more cables, i don't have a more up to date photo where i took it further than that :(

But dotted all around the garage and some may of crept into the house, are racks of parts like the picture below

JoshThePonce 8th January 2019 03:08 PM

Hi Mark

kramit 8th January 2019 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by JoshThePonce (Post 5760907)
Hi Mark

Hi josh :squintdan (not forgotten to look at yours don't worry :) )

kramit 14th January 2019 10:21 AM

Since the last post not too much has happened as i have been trying to decide on a route to go with the power steering, the decision i have come to is that the OEM PAS system is not going back on, but rather than going down the route of a Electro hydro pas pump i'm thinking about going for a EPAS system (electric motor for assistance on the steering column instead) which means i'm going to completely ignore the lack of power steering until the car is basically done and running as after all, steering is overrated and i am being incredibly indecisive.

So i wrapped up the plenum and have sent it off to convert it to a FFP along with the electronic throttle, as it has 70mm hole centres a new flange is going to be made up to go with it and as mentioned previously IAC/AAC is going to be blanked off.

My new throttle pedal has arrived as well and as you can see looking at the two photos below it almost perfect but due its slightly different shape its going to need tweaking a bit, but as i am going to be welding up the hole from where the old throttle cable exited the cabin, the air con related holes i am going to have to move the throttle pedal mounting bracket ever so slightly to the right by approx one inch, the holes themselves are perfect to bolt into, im also going to need to extend the top of the bracket slightly so i can get a more oem angle on the pedal for comfort and familiarity.

The next part which will be happening over the next couple of days is removing the few things i have left in the way that will hinder the removal of the engine, the rough list of jobs is, unhang the exhaust, undo fuel lines and plug them, undo the engine mounts ready, drain the gearbox and remove the propshaft, then the only thing left to undo on the day of removal will be the gearbox mount and engine mounts. Luckily most of the car is stripped already so removing the engine itself isn't going to be remotely time consuming.

Once thats removed i am going to finish tracing out some of the cables, remove the bulkhead matting and heater matrix, move the cables out off the way and start blanking the holes mentioned earlier.

kramit 29th January 2019 08:05 PM

So since my last post i have removed everything else hindering the engine removal, for example, prop, engine mounts, heater hoses, earth straps etc and pulled the block and gearbox in one hit, as well as drilling the front section off of the car, as i found a small bit that requires attention....

So i have recieved my intake plenum back from the conversion and it does look good, just need to move my fuel damper slightly to make it fit which is fine and i have a plan for that which i will detail later on. I twisted my fuel return line slightly to make it clear the plenum too and when just rested in situ looks pretty damn good in my opinion.

Currently on the list i am sorting out the old redundant coolant lines, sorting out the filter take off and cleaning that side of the block up ready for the refit, which i will write up jn more detail when some more parts arrive for it.

I am also starting to pull some more of wiring out the engine bay, then have a few more things to remove so i can start blanking off the holes where the air con used to come off and address my other little issues, which some will be done once the engine is back in the car.

Once thats all back in i really need to start running in all the new cables needed from moving the fusebox, been quite lazy in that respect as wiring has began to bore me a little bit, i have also started taking off more bits and doing other little bits to the car, which again will be detailed when things start to arrive. Below are some pictures of the current state of the car.

SarGara 30th January 2019 05:01 PM

The plenum looks like an interesting alternative to the usual GReddy replicas you see on sale:

It will be good to see it fully installed

kramit 31st January 2019 08:46 AM

Well i'm actually hoping to get the engine block back in within the next 2/3 weeks, just waiting for some more bits to arrive for the coolant re-routing from removal of the iacv / oil warmer, weld up the old air con holes and paint, then there is no reason why the block can't go back in. Then, just like you, I can actually see what it looks like fitted, as i'm quite keen to see what it looks like too!

kramit 12th April 2019 06:46 PM

How to quickly advance a build? miss all the boring wiring bits and simply attach this photo

Basically i managed to source all the required bits and totally forgot about taking any photos, but it now has a wire in link g4+ ecu, everything works perfectly... well did do, anyway everything works as expected functionality wise, there was still some tiding up to do but a road test was first.

It worked well except boost control was not controlled at all (notice in the photo the mac valve is bypassed) due to the shear volume of air the car was now getting the puny little wastegate in the oem turbo couldn't cope with the flow, so i was going to remove it and port the wastegate, once i removed the turbo i could see three damaged fins, so that was it for road mapping, didn't get very far into it unfortunately, but once i found this i debated with myself on my next options for roughly the next 12 minutes.

So now the turbo side of the car is stripped down again, ready for some new tasty looking parts, i decided it was upgrade time, avoiding the standard hybrid options, so here was my new shopping list.

A bung (for the catch can where the green glove finger is)
a new ss lambda sensor boss
AEM fuel pump
ID1050x's r35 GTR injectors
Leadfoot manifold with EGT bungs welded into each runner (same guys that modded my inlet manifold for me)
custom made downpipe + screamer pipe parts (so i can sit and phaff)
hypergate 45 (set my spring pressure to 17psi)
Borgwarner SXE-252 super core
Turbo oil line / drain.
Link 4 bar map sensor.

Current position? awaiting delivery of the manifold so i can start chucking it all in, as the only things i have not done is the exhaust setup and turbo lines as i am unsure of final placement, apart from that, good to go :)

sidenote though, probably wont be adding the 6 egt's in straight away as i believe i need some recovery time, be update in a few months time same with giving the ecu oil pressure signal, will have to keep my beady eye on the oem gauge for now.

kramit 9th May 2019 09:18 PM

Right so since my last post the car is up and running just need to go out and carry on mapping it now my little gremlin is fixed.

so details of what i have done is as follows, I stripped the hot side of the block completely down and basically threw it all in a neat pile at the side of the garage, bought some AN fittings for the oil feed / drain line for the new turbo and plumbed them in, went along and bought a leadfoot racing manifold and asked for 6 EGT bungs to be welded in place for individual EGT's, (have bought but not fitted yet)

Bought the AEM fuel pump and fitted that (its loud but at least you know it works) required just a small chop to the oem hard line fuel pick up pipe as it was slightly longer, so that was a simple fit, aside from have 3/4 tank of fuel.

The IDX 1050x injectors were fun to try and fit as the connector is further towards the base of the injector so you have to be careful with the rotation of them to get them as far into the plenum as possible, i then trimmed every connector to make sure they would click into place, fitment is just that tight.

The hypergate was fitted with the 17psi spring, i then lowered that to 7psi, although i am probably going to raise it to around 13psi tomorrow, somewhere in between. The link 4 bar map sensor ended up in the same place as the oem one and was a very simple swap over.

I also refitted my hks bov into the intercooler pipework, just because i had it really, i didn't really want to keep it but, i just kind of did, still sounds nice when i have a mix of turbo flutter some dump when coming off of the throttle from the screamer pipe, its fairly nice.

The borg warner sxe-252 supercore is a nice little turbo, its very responsive and will be good for some decent power which i am looking forward to, planning on limiting it at roughly 500ish bhp.

After all this though i still need to clean up my firewall / bulkhead it is still dirty :chuckle:

interior is back together too, just need to some more under bonnet tiding and some heat management (turbo blanket / heatwrap) it gets rather warm under there.

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