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r33 gtr hks v-cam build burning oil

Hi all

I noticed lately I am going through quite a bit of oil, I have checked for leaks etc and can see no signs of any and logged my oil pressure which seems perfectly consistent

I think I am getting oil bleed through the turbo exhaust BB seals under WOT max boost as when I shift I get a puff of white smoke out the back, this is the only time it happens or the car displays any smoke at all

I have a full HKS engine, with v-cam, hks oil pump, 2.8 stroked, hks head and hks 2530-KAI turbos running 700bhp

oil pressure reads about 8 bar on WOT shift and my average oil pressure while driving normally is about 6 bar with idle being 3 bar, using FUCHS 10w60 oil

I was wondering if maybe I need to add a smaller restrictor in the turbo oil feed as it was allowing to much oil through from the pressure, I think the 2530-kai come with 1mm restrictor banjo bolts, perhaps I should change to 0.8mm ?

any insights would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance all

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