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pezzer 3rd February 2019 10:30 AM

Knocking noise
Just picked up my MY17 car. Loving it already after 2 days. I’ve noticed a knocking noise which sounds like something metal is rolling around the footwell. I know there is a cubbyhole on the passenger side but nothing is in there. Very intermittent, not predictable, more noticeable at slow speed mainly due to low road noise I think. No steering wobble so don’t think it’s tracking.
Could it be a wheel bearing?

Takamo 3rd February 2019 10:36 AM

Which side is the noise coming from

pezzer 3rd February 2019 11:04 AM

Difficulty to tell but I think drivers side front

Takamo 3rd February 2019 06:19 PM

Open the cover in the engine bay on the driverside by the windscreen and check incase any tools or something has been left there, I once found a 13mm socket rolling around in a customer car which even the stealer couldn't find the problem.

pezzer 13th June 2019 09:14 PM

Still no joy on the knocking noise. Took it to Litchfield as main dealer didnít know. It happens a lot from cold in the morning. Slow to medium speeds over bumps. Sounds worse from front but also from rear
Could it be sway arms or bushes as itís all 4 corners.

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bobbie 23rd June 2019 08:38 AM

Did you find out what it was?

pezzer 23rd June 2019 08:42 AM

Still no solution. I know the car is Ďsupposed to make a lot of noisesí. It does seems to get better if Iíve driven it for 30 mins so itís much better but still present by the time I get to work. I wonder if there are some tolerances built in to cope with extreme temperatures. Still seems as itís all 4 corners
Not sure what else to do.
When I took it to Litchfield, Iíd driven 80 miles to get there and it was a scorching day. The roads around there are super smooth so I could replicate the noise even with the mechanic in the car with me.
Next morning it was back

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bobbie 23rd June 2019 09:00 AM

I have the same issue 1st thing in morning seems like a loose joint somewhere under front of car but when car warms up it disappears, I renewed my rear shocks as I thought it was that but it was not, really just have to let it progress to then see what it is, as if I drive to Litchfields when I get there the noise will be gone, its a mystery mate.


jimbo1234567 23rd June 2019 10:22 AM

have you checked the brake pads rattling around in the caliper. obviously as the car is driven the brakes and pads will get warm causing the pad backplate to maybe expand slightly and lessen the noise due to the gap closing slightly , ive had to add 0.4mm to all my front pads after fitting the st disc and pad combo as the pad rattle was horrendous. I thought I hadn't tightened the bolts up. if it is that then it will be worst on a rough road at slow speeds.

bobbie 23rd June 2019 10:40 AM

mine does not seem to com from the callipers more from under floor knocking like a lose ball joint somewhere, but as I said when car warms up it disappears.

Takamo 23rd June 2019 11:26 AM

Funny that I have the same issue, mine sounds like it's coming from the passengers side rear when I go over a pothole or bump in the the road, i got my car booked in at Litchfields for a service gunna get them to check it out, its really annoying because it's not always there.

pezzer 23rd June 2019 02:43 PM

They took all the wheels off and cleaned the hub as I also had a lot of clicking the week before on turning which is the rust deposits getting between the hub and wheel. They sorted that very efficiently.
As with others, the knocking does sound like a loose cv joint but it gets better once the car is warm and on hotter days, so I’m thinking it’s a lot of tolerance built in around the pad/caliper

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