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Silverspeed 22nd April 2019 03:37 PM

Folding mirror question

As you guys know we have a button that has 3 positions.
1 = Fold up
2= Middle, does nothing?
3= Fold down

Now mine was always is the middle position, and thus not locking the mirrors. Now while I was cleaning the car I noticed that my drivers side mirror was loose and I could move it about 3 cm. I started my car again and put the button into 1, or fold up and now the mirror is locked again and firmly fixed into position.

My question was should I leave the button always into the 1 position? Or how do you guys use it? It it harmful to leave it into the fold up position or should I not be worried that when I put it into the 2nd position that my mirror is kinda loose.

Takamo 22nd April 2019 06:10 PM

Sounds like the gears in the mirror folding motor have gone out out snyc, I'd leave it with in the position where its stiff... No wobble

SKNAM 22nd April 2019 09:41 PM

Had this happen to me a couple of months back, hasn't happened since.

Mine was caused by getting the car ready to be cleaned. Had the mirrors folded in but wanted them to be in the open position. Started engine and pressed the button - thought nothing of it, they opened up. But when washing car noticed the drivers mirror was slightly lose. Turned out I had turned the engine off whilst the mirror was still opening out and so hadn't fully engaged/locked in the open position, hence loose (and gears not fully engaged, like Takamo says). Hasn't done it since.

Silverspeed 23rd April 2019 06:44 PM

Oké, thanks I'll leave it in the open position.

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