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Juice 1st May 2019 07:42 AM

Handling upgrades - eibach ARBs and springs

Been researching quite a bit on the forum and have noticed a lot of people opt for the eibach pro kit lowering springs which does 20/15mm drop

I already have hubcentric 15mm spacers all round with 265/305 tyre set up and curious to hear reviews from people who have upgraded their Anti roll bars

I have noticed the eibach are priced decently as both front and rear can be had for around £330
Problem is though when you consider the sizes I question is there a significant difference for all the money

Stock front is 33mm
Eibach front is 34mm

Stock rear is 14mm
Eibach rear is 16mm

I havenít tracked it yet but the car is more a street use car.
Then I am told not to touch the front and just change the rear to a 20mm roll bar as that will reduce understeer

If I donít have to spend money I wonít, but since Iím getting the springs fitted Iím considering doing these at the same time

Would love to hear from people with these on and if there is any real difference

L6DJX 1st May 2019 08:53 AM

You've done your research right.

Doing just the rear will help the understeer propensity on track. On the roads you wont really notice it too much I think. But a rear ARB is like £200.. which is nothing takes an extra 5min to install if your shocks are already off

Juice 1st May 2019 10:05 AM

And front worth doing?

Eibach are hollow bars?

What thickness is best for rear?

L6DJX 2nd May 2019 08:30 AM

i did it as i track my car lots

i dont know

i dont know

Eibach seem to be the most popular. Whiteline are also very good.

Chronos 2nd May 2019 08:53 AM

yeah it makes the car more sharper to turn, tho i think my shocks are getting a bit old, and feel a little soft now, probs cos they are 10 years old now

but yeah id say the roll bars to help with the handling


Juice 10th May 2019 11:09 AM

Update. I’ve got my springs delivered and waiting on the last set of eibach roll bars to be delivered

Just for anyone interested to be aware that something Happened in the eibach factory in Germany and the production of these bars has halted for a couple of months with a big long back order which could go on until August.
Best price I found was demon tweaks at £300 front and rear with bushes

CAnt wait to fit all of it and drive it through the twisties!

Willovrs 11th May 2019 01:58 PM

Iíve got eibach springs on mine and seem really good [emoji1303].

I think mines been dropped all round and is quite low on the front on the downside.


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dtox 16th May 2019 12:22 AM

White line ARB are amazing I would definitely recommend them ***x1f642;

Juice 28th May 2019 04:13 PM

5 Attachment(s)
So hereís the update, got the pro kit springs fitted by a independant garage who have done this before
Did this first and noticed some knocking when driving over uneven rough road surfaces. Thought it was normal and was the top mounts at the back

Went to auto torque to fit the eibach front and rear roll bars and identified the rear oem arb bushes were knackered as well as play in the rear drop links

Quick solution with Joel and chris and fitted super pro rear drop links. My front oem drop links looked new so no need to changed there

The quality of the super pro parts is very high standard. Along side the eibach roll bars over the oem ones. So a quick set up of the geo and my god the drive feels new and fresh
Eliminated that annoying bounce that was there previously. Driving in race mode for suspension doesnít become teeth shattering. Itís as if the acceleration and manouvering on the road is lighter and feels quicker putting the power down
Total cost was £1000
All parts, labour and geo but my god itís the best £1000 Iíve spent on her

Some pics to show

Attachment 251545

Attachment 251547

Attachment 251549

Attachment 251551

Attachment 251553

dtox 28th May 2019 07:46 PM

Do you lose comfort mode settings then I assume

Juice 28th May 2019 08:03 PM


I have normal with it off where the ride is comfy with no crash
Still have comfort which makes it a little more smoother with less crash and bounce
And have race which is firm but on a smooth road you don’t feel like it’s breaking your teeth or back and feels right and nimble.

Over rough surface roads you do feel it in race but in comfort it soaks it up better then race if you know what I mean

Overall it’s bettwr then the stock set up 10x over.

Juice 29th May 2019 07:37 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 251557Ride height Now

L6DJX 29th May 2019 08:36 AM

nice write up - glad you are happy

davej51 29th May 2019 08:59 AM

ride height looks spot on.

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