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Moby Dick 2.0; initial brainstorming

some of you old timers may recall my R32 GTR, called Moby Dick for several salient reasons. I had to sell it on in 2011 but now have a keen desire to do another R32, spurred on by seeing the new widebody kit by Garage Active.

So I'm thinking, start with a shell, add the widebody kit, and then....a fully modernised R32, built using whatever the latest technologies are available and can be reasonably integrated into the car. It'd need to be fully streetable yet ready for track days.

- Turbo: so apparently the GTX3582 single is the latest and greatest? I don't want to muck around with twins again; I only did the first time around because I wanted to keep the two components of the engine that were used on the Group A car - the FMIC and the exhaust manifolds.

- twincharging? I've been looking at how the Lancia Delta S4 Stradale is boosted. Not straightforward but supercharging and turbocharging isn't as complicated as I thought it'd be.....

- the short block: are RB30s still a popular option, or are there compromises? I'd also consider sleeving the block, as I'd really like to put together a bulletproof motor.

- ECU. Given the rapid advancement of computer technology, who makes a complete standalone ECU that works seamlessly with the R32? Are modern features such as launch control or traction control available?

- transmission. I'll want to do a sequential - PPG, so I can flat shift. It's how motorcycles work these days; it'd be nice to have a car that shifts clutchlessly and only requires the clutch from a dead stop or carpark maneuvering.

- LCD dash. Surely there must be some customizable LCD dash, so that I don't have to have 13 gauges littered all over the dash again...

Any other ideas?

I'm ready to dive down the rabbit hole again!
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