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wow, the more research I do....the R32 stopped production in 1994 and there's STILL development on the car.

- twinscroll single, dual external wastegates and screamer pipes.

- RB32 kits seem pretty reasonably priced.

- ECUs now have everything I hoped to have: launch control, traction control, and flat shifting. Plus digital customizable dashes!!

- definitely will go with a sequential, and choose gearing similar to mating an R34 Getrag to R32 diffs (the secret sauce in the old Mines ultimate response R34). Not interested in top speed at all.

- those MotiveDVD youtube clips are recent and damned if they aren't detailed.

- I will use a Tomei oil pump again.

- I also plan to use the same surface-gap spark plugs that solved fouling and spark blowout the first time around. Surface-gap also eliminates the spark plug tip as a potential preignition point and it can't break off. Didn't know that the new ignition upgrade is using R35 coilpacks. I guess no Splitfires this time!

- Not sure how I'll rig the tank side of the fuel system, but I'll use Bosch 044s and feed both ends of the fuel rail, with CHECKVALVES at both ends. When I did this, one pump could fail and I still had enough fuel pressure to make it home on low boost. 044s are noisy however; I wonder how well they'd hold up outside, under the car?

- RC Racing injectors - they worked so well the last time.

I'm still thinking of twincharging but will not give up A/C for it. I wonder if an electric power steering rack could be made to fit? The hydraulic power steering pump sure takes up a lot of room. Also, removing the power steering cooling radiator is not recommended. Nothing terrible happened when I did it, but it definitely felt much different when the power steering fluid got too hot.

Weren't companies working on electrically boosted turbos a few years ago?
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