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Originally Posted by lightspeed View Post
Twin 044ís in the spare wheel well running pwm. Sytec dash 6 non returns in BMRS Teflon hoses. Seal up all holes in firewall, perfectly acceptable pump noise.

Spare is a waste of space with big brakes.
in my last R32, I turned the spare tire well into a subwoofer enclosure. I strongly doubt I will even put a stereo at all, so the spare will probably used for the fuel system.

Oh! And an Accusump reservoir. Adding one to my last car meant that I needed 9.5 liters of oil for an oil change, but that, plus an extended sump, meant that I never, ever ran into oil starvation and never spun a bearing - a lesson learnt after I put in a JUN oil pump with the stock sump (albeit with Tomei baffles).

One important thing is to have the oil drain plug completely shielded from ground impacts. I hit something in 2010 and it knocked the plug loose, which was very inconvenient, having a massive puddle of oil on the ground and getting a tow. This should be a normal thing; William Dunlop died this summer because his bike bottomed out (a fairly normal occurrence in road racing) and the oil drain plug was broken off, spilling oil onto his rear tire and sending him off fatally into a tree.
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