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Just a heads up on the MotiveDVD car with the GTX3582R - they are sponsored by Garrett, they didn't go through an extensive process looking for the best of the best but have to imply that they've got the best. The GTX3582R and the EFR8374 actually came out around about the same time, but the EFR8374 is a bit more "big dog" in terms of outright performance.

This is where things get more interesting, though - what time frame are you looking at? Can I suggest buying the turbo last? I would guess that within 6 months the entire Garrett G-series range will be announced, if not available.... and that is likely to be Garretts attempt to bring "the best of the best" and could be a good match or one-up to the EFR range.

The EFR8374 has now been on the market for ~8 years, the Gen2 GTX3582R is much more recent but is arguably not as "well rounded" as the Gen1 GTX3582R.... an important thing to nail down is the power target and budget/packaging limitations.
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