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Originally Posted by Red Duke View Post
Thanks guys

HPI elbows took about 2 months from RHDJapan, should have been sooner but there was a manufacturing delay at the factory unfortunately! Didn't worry me as they won't be going on for a while anyway. I went to see Ross at JDR yesterday and we're going to hold off fitting the fuelling parts, etc until I have the Nismo plenum as the engine needs to come out to fit it. No point in fitting and then removing everything I've bought, only to refit it a second time! While the engine is out I'll get the rest of the bay repainted, engine cleaned up & painted and probably a refresh of all the bearings. I can't afford to go forged and as I won't be chasing big numbers (a safe 500bhp or so) we don't see the point - as much as I'd love a Nismo 2.8L! (Like Sully! )

Haha no pit for me, you're the third person to ask me that now! My GTR's underside is all fresh & sealed up, new bearings, Nismo arms, gearbox refresh... I don't really have a need for a pit tbh. We used to have one in my father in laws workshop for his building company, but as the yard was lower than the field at the back the rain water used to wash through the yard, rats would go through the wood over the pit and well, let's say they ended up as dead, furry, water balloons... The family that owned the land sold it to developers when my in-laws wrapped the business up due to ill health, a cheapo builder came along and stuck a load of not-so-cheap houses and bungalows there! The idiots filled in the culvet between the yard and the field... Guess where the excess water goes now!? Thankfully we're higher up than the houses next door so we're not affected! Lol

I'm going to get a decent set of low riser ramps (possibly the hydraulic type?) and an ultra low jack to get under the GTR, also a lot cheaper than a pit! The garage is at the bottom of a small slope so I don't want that filling with water either. We've got an ACO drain across the front too for any excess water, plus a couple of soakaways to be doubley sure!

Sully, I bought the gauges used from I think, Euro Exports on this forum. They are available new from RHDJapan, I had them on my wishlist for ages until a used set came up, I had to have them! Lol You'll probably be able to get them in the UK too, I think they're more expensive than from Japan though? I'm eyeing up the Border gauge pods for mine, I have two Greddy gauges that are getting a bit passed it now and need to go sadly.

Ooh, the GTR is booked in for January to have the strut tops done now before they need doing - mine look ok, but you never know! Few bits of paint on the top half to do at the same time (where the strut brace has rubbed) and have the rear arches looked at; small spots either side need a refresh so may as well hit them too.

I'll get some Garage pics uploaded today.
Love the build, great plans, keep the updates coming, got to be one of the most pampered bcnr33 in the uk
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