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only modifications the car has prior to starting this are:

Kakimoto cat back
Splitfire coilpacks
Comp clutch stage 4 and flywheel
Tien Coilovers
Air con removed
And some godawful red vacuum and conduit lines

My plan started off simple for the first part, i was just going to chuck in a Link G4+, a FMIC, IAT sensor and a wideband, then just remap it keeping the stock turbo and intake sensor, it took roughly 1 hour into the stripping of the car to completely change my mind.

The hicas is still coming out, but rather than just removing the rack and installing a lockout bar, even though my hicas has always been fully functional, i decided to just chop out the ecu, which inevitably led me to stripping the car and tracing all the wires back to remove them all.

whilst i am doing this, i thought putting the battery in the boot along with the fusebox also sounded a brilliant idea whilst i am delooming most of the car anyway, so i will do that too as well as removing all the air con wiring and the random connectors that have never gone anywhere, may as well get rid of them if they are not doing anything, as well as all this delooming i had a change of heart about some other things too.

Power steering was one of them, so that has all been removed and will be replaced with a electric pas pump / lines and cooler.

Whilst that cooler is being done, i am going to be fitting a remote filter head, sandwich plate and cooler.

Also going to get my plenum converted to FFP as it makes the FMIC pipework cleaner, but whilst i was cleaning things up and the stock TCS system doesn't work with link im ditching the old throttle body and have a electronic throttle too as this negates the need for the throttle cable, IACV and the bulky throttle body.

So that was the Hicas Ecu suitably removed and fully functional.

This is some of the aftermath of doing just cutting the loom, had to chase the cables out now didn't leave myself much choice there.

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