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Duke / bb - I would agree with you both with air con, but i did pull it out about 2.5 years ago, i have only driven in one summer since then, my whole system was fully functional, only issue is one of the pipes had a small hole, only found that out went i went to refill it, i think it possibly happened the last time i moved the block to change an engine mount.

BB - I was going to keep the hicas as it has never caused me any issues, but due to the plan of moving everything i just decided i may as well get rid of it, makes everything simpler, i need to get some screen shots of my videos of the updates of where i am now.

Currently i have removed all air con cables, all dead looms, most of the hicas wiring, AFM wiring all mostly cables at the minute, including and not limited to the console port has also been removed. I will upload more photos to photobucket then write up where i am now, the car sure is in a sorry looking state bless it

Some of the things that have been removed never to return again are, all power steering components, air con, manual ecu, maf, throttle body, throttle cable and quite alot more, but will do a full write up later on, probably tomorrow.

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