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Yeah, it might sound painful but to be honest it is not too bad just time consuming as there is alot of wiring to do and half the time i just don't go back to the garage, timescale wise i am hoping to have it done April time, but and long as it's done by early May i'm not going to complain.

I will upload the some relevant pictures later, but currently inside the car is basically a blank canvas, there is a nice messy jumble of wires going everywhere, the handbrake and airbag unit are about the only things that have been left in situ on the centre console and the heater matrix is still there the rest is currently gone.

Inside the boot all the wires have been traced and pulled out, just need to pull out the rest of the wires from under the car where they go to the sensors for the hicas.

The front of the car has been fairly well stripped down. The fusebox wires have started to be traced out of the bonnet and pulled into the car and currently hanging out of the drivers door, i have deloomed most of the front of the car (aside from the engine loom at the minute) so i can more engine control and abs wires to the boot without extending them as they are actually long enough to get there if rerouted down the other side of the car so thats a big bonus! saves extending 4 cables

The only thing in my way now is the engine, so i will pulling that out of the car some time in the next couple of weeks so i can access what i need to, I have got my new ecu, throttle pedal, hicas eliminator kit and engine mounts. So still leaves me to get an electronic throttle body, convert the plenum and a few other things. Just currently trying to decide if i'm going to buy a new fusebox rather than trying to mount the rather sizeable OEM one in the boot, so currently toying with ideas there.

Above is when the car has been fairly stripped for access and below is when i went a little bit further to follow some more cables, i don't have a more up to date photo where i took it further than that

But dotted all around the garage and some may of crept into the house, are racks of parts like the picture below


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