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Since the last post not too much has happened as i have been trying to decide on a route to go with the power steering, the decision i have come to is that the OEM PAS system is not going back on, but rather than going down the route of a Electro hydro pas pump i'm thinking about going for a EPAS system (electric motor for assistance on the steering column instead) which means i'm going to completely ignore the lack of power steering until the car is basically done and running as after all, steering is overrated and i am being incredibly indecisive.

So i wrapped up the plenum and have sent it off to convert it to a FFP along with the electronic throttle, as it has 70mm hole centres a new flange is going to be made up to go with it and as mentioned previously IAC/AAC is going to be blanked off.

My new throttle pedal has arrived as well and as you can see looking at the two photos below it almost perfect but due its slightly different shape its going to need tweaking a bit, but as i am going to be welding up the hole from where the old throttle cable exited the cabin, the air con related holes i am going to have to move the throttle pedal mounting bracket ever so slightly to the right by approx one inch, the holes themselves are perfect to bolt into, im also going to need to extend the top of the bracket slightly so i can get a more oem angle on the pedal for comfort and familiarity.

The next part which will be happening over the next couple of days is removing the few things i have left in the way that will hinder the removal of the engine, the rough list of jobs is, unhang the exhaust, undo fuel lines and plug them, undo the engine mounts ready, drain the gearbox and remove the propshaft, then the only thing left to undo on the day of removal will be the gearbox mount and engine mounts. Luckily most of the car is stripped already so removing the engine itself isn't going to be remotely time consuming.

Once thats removed i am going to finish tracing out some of the cables, remove the bulkhead matting and heater matrix, move the cables out off the way and start blanking the holes mentioned earlier.

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