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So since my last post i have removed everything else hindering the engine removal, for example, prop, engine mounts, heater hoses, earth straps etc and pulled the block and gearbox in one hit, as well as drilling the front section off of the car, as i found a small bit that requires attention....

So i have recieved my intake plenum back from the conversion and it does look good, just need to move my fuel damper slightly to make it fit which is fine and i have a plan for that which i will detail later on. I twisted my fuel return line slightly to make it clear the plenum too and when just rested in situ looks pretty damn good in my opinion.

Currently on the list i am sorting out the old redundant coolant lines, sorting out the filter take off and cleaning that side of the block up ready for the refit, which i will write up jn more detail when some more parts arrive for it.

I am also starting to pull some more of wiring out the engine bay, then have a few more things to remove so i can start blanking off the holes where the air con used to come off and address my other little issues, which some will be done once the engine is back in the car.

Once thats all back in i really need to start running in all the new cables needed from moving the fusebox, been quite lazy in that respect as wiring has began to bore me a little bit, i have also started taking off more bits and doing other little bits to the car, which again will be detailed when things start to arrive. Below are some pictures of the current state of the car.


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