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Things started to get exciting once we pulled out my stock RB26

The engine bay was to get a new lick of paint.
A fresh coat of QM1 white in semi gloss was chosen as the stock matte white paint just looked too dull for my liking. New OEM Nissan stickers were ordered from Japan to replace the old ones.

After the bay was painted the car went to RacePace Motorsports where my HKS 2.8 was waiting Motor Specs are as follows

-HKS 256° 8.7mm Lift Exhaust Camshaft
-HKS Valcon Vcam Controller
-HKS Step2 Vcam Kit
-HKS Step2 2.8L Stroker Kit
-HKS Super Turbo Exhaust System
-HKS Oil Filler Cap
-Tomei Oil Pump
-Tomei Expreme Downpipes
-Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifolds
-Garrett GT2860R-5 Turbochargers
-RacePace Custom Turbo Actuators
-RacePace Catch Can/Washer Bottle
-RacePace 9L Custom Baffled Circuit Sump
-RacePace Adjustable Exhaust Cam Gear
-RacePace Stage2 Head
-RacePace Modified PWR Radiator
-RacePace Equal Length Front Pipes
-ARP Head Studs
-ARP Main Studs
-ACL Main Bearings
-Nismo Engine Mounts
-Nismo N1 24U Block
-Nismo N1 Water Pump
-Nismo 1.2mm Head Gasket
-Nismo Low Temp Thermostat
-Nismo 276LH Fuel Pump
-Nismo Radiator Cap
-Nismo Z-Tune 100mm Intercooler
-Nismo Intake Piping
-Nismo Z32 AFM's
-Nismo Intake Duct
-Splitfire Coilpacks
-SARD 700cc Injectors
-Apexi Power FC With Hand Controller


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