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I've been using waxoyl and now Dynax (which is supposed to be better) for fighting rust on all my cars for donkeys years now on Granadas, Senators and for the past 19 years on Jap cars that I have had and have, Mitsi Galant, Scoobies, and presently 24 year old Lexus LS400, Skyline 33GTR and Stagea.

The difference between the Lexus rust wise and the 2 Nissans is clear, they are greys and the Lexus isn't, although the 'official' imports from Japan are better coated underneath the Lexus is a constant fight - but it is 20 odd years old! I get the garage who services all our cars to respray waxoyl/Dynax on the underside and chassis members yearly. The Nissans because they haven't been subjected to the salty UK roads till they were imported, (the GTR stays in hibernation from Oct to April) are still very clean, they also get a yearly treatment and are presently still clean underneath.
I agree that brackets etc. seem to be susceptible to rust but it seems to me that the thin paint finish is also to blame as well as 'dirty' steel as when I have wire brushed these components down, applied rust killer, painted with Hammerite or similar and then applied Waxoyl it does seem to work better.

The underneath of a car is a very severe environment with driven dirt, salt taking it's toll on any paint or anti-corrosion finish.
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