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Thumbs up A Rust prevention Modification not a Restoration....

Originally Posted by Mookistar View Post
I'd be very interested to see the current condition of the majority of "restored" Skylines currently in the UK.
Hmmmm....That's a real sticky can of worms and frighteningly grey area Mook!

True Restorations are when you take back a vehicle to its absolute original condition as made by the manufacturer when it was brand spanking new. This means original coatings (zinc plate etc), old porous factory sealers, paints and genuine OEM Nissan parts only. If Nissan didn't do it or fit it, The car cannot have it... As simple as that!

Where as what the majority of the Skyline Owners do (myself included here from what I've seen of project threads here on the Forum) is really a rust prevention modification for Our UK climate by using new steel (where and when required), modern paints sealers and other rust inhibitors along with stone chip products, sound deadening sprays and other under body coatings with new poly or other uprated bushings and extra chassis braces too!

I'm sorry to be so pedantic Mike but I honestly only mean to be didactic here by showing people the actual difference between a true vehicle restoration and most peoples rust beating project conclusions. I mean, Who in their right mind isn't going to paint and protect all the parts that Nissan didn't back in the 1990's?! And sadly there are a lot of these vulnerable areas when you start pealing back the plastic guards....

So, My type of acid etching efforts above are not a restoration. Its more of a modern under body refresh interpretation anyone can do that will hopefully allow me to keep rust at bay and enjoy driving my Skyline GT-R until they start banning Our terrible cars outright in the early 2040's for strange environmental reasons.

Passionate about old RWD Vauxhall-Opel's from the 1980's and 1990's but my Do-Luck BCNR33 Skyline GT-R is totally in another league and blows them all away!!!!

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