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Originally Posted by Takamo View Post
This is old information, it's been happening for some time now. The only product that can protect your car from being taken in a hurry is the Ghost immobiliser system. The ghost immobiliser requires the customers unique chosen code ranging from 4 to 20 digits using the cars factory buttons before it's going to start. Forget key scanning devices even if the thief had your original keys it ain't starting without the code being entered. The Ghost also prevents ecu hacking which is another way they are overriding the factory immobiliser. Very very clever bit of kit. For those of you who are planing future mods/tuning we fit the ghost to accommodate this so your tuner doesn't brick the ecu so no worries there.
Yes, agree this has been happening for many years and is certainly not new. I wanted to test specific cars, such as the GTR to clarify some of the forum myths that it only affected CBA's or that the engine would not start.

At some point, I'd like to test my GTR with the other tools commonly used by thieves such as the OBD key clone.

I'm not here to endorse any specific products, but there are several options people can use depending on budget, security level and hassle factor.

No matter what security you have, if a thief is determined and well equipped enough, they will be able to steal it.
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