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Originally Posted by goodatcrashing View Post
Working in the automotive industry, I frequently talk to our security experts who have equipment, often very rudimentary from eBay, used to test our vehicles against theft. The Thatcham security pass criteria is >2 minutes against entry.

The Relay theft technique commonly used by thieves takes seconds and I was curious if it worked on a DBA GTR and test some of the forum myths. We took a readily available kit and tested my DBA GTR with a stock security system.

I stood 30 metres away from the car with keys in my pocket. My assistant tried unlocking the car from the door unlock button and predictably the door would not unlock. Stood in the same position still with keys in pocket, the receiver side of the relay device was placed 2 metres away from me and the transmitter next to the door. This time, the doors unlocked on the first attempt. Then the transmitter was placed on the passenger seat and the engine fired up on first attempt. My assistant managed to drive around the car park even when out of range from the receiver, with a few annoying warning bongs about the key not being present, but did not shut down the engine. This happened in the space of 30 seconds.

This worked on almost all the key-less entry cars we tested in the car park, so is not isolated to GTR's. We repeated the test with my keys placed in a signal defender pouch and failed to unlock the doors despite trying several different techniques.

My advice is to be aware of these techniques and not to rely solely on the OEM security.

Chronos started a thread about relay theft here which started my curiosity:
good effort bud, and great info that does dispel a few myths.. shows that the faraday/signal defender bag IS a must when parking the car up.. i bought one ages ago, and also tested it and the car didnt unlock..

TBH as these relay thefts are on the incrase, and the kits available easier to aquire.. what are the car manufacturers doing about it? .. and can we disable the keyless entry on our R35's??

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