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Sheared off bolt - help!

Well, my rust-proofing efforts had all been going very well until about 30 minutes ago... Got my brackets and ARB back from the powder-coaters, the ARB looks like new:

Thought I would quickly put some of the brackets back on, only for the second bolt I went to to shear off! It's one of the two bolts that holds the bracket for the drop link onto the back of the wheel hub:

It's hard to see from the picture, but it has sheared off just inside the hole with most of the bolt inside. I started to try to drill it but the access is poor and the drillbit wouldn't go in straight.

So, I'm thinking I'll have to remove the heavy iron part of the hub (not sure what it's name is!) that the caliper and disc bolt onto along with the various control arms. Has anyone done this job before? I've done similar jobs on other cars but always feel more nervous when it's the GTR...

I was thinking remove the caliper, disc and various control arms, plus the bolt for the shock absorber and then I should be able to get it off and take it to a machine shop for them to extract the bolt. I'm hoping I won't need to remove the hub nut or CV joint?

Any (helpful!) comments/advice would be appreciated :-)
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