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Originally Posted by L6DJX View Post
Hi guys, so, i have a fully built engine and gearbox...

So, what is the expected torque and power i can expect on a 'race' intercooler Vpower, OEM turbos.

Reckon i can reach 725bhp and 675 torque?

Before building the box and changing to race IC, i was at 692bhp and 653ftlb...

What we think?
You can reach one million horsepower and one trillion torques if you multiply the factors in such a fashion to achieve this. 650 torques in reality is probably about right (this may be more than you actually achieved before, regardless of what was stated, but you'll know by the seat of the pants feel ...)

The point is, your OEM turbos will have been max'd out before and they will be maxed out now. The race IC may make a bit of a difference but I doubt it will be night & day given the limitations of the turbos ... More likely that the cams, how the engine now responds on cam, will make more of a difference, I would have thought?
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