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During my ownership the car was stored in a dry de-humidified garage under a indoor cover. After two outings when it might have picked up salty deposits, the entire underneath was thoroughly cleaned as well as the bodywork. I fear that it was the original application that was inadequate and Toni realises it.

It is a good thing that Toni and I are the best of friends and this scenario has increased the friendship and trust between us.

Originally Posted by SarGara View Post
Just being in a garage wont prevent rust if the garage is wrong. You need a drafty garage with good air circulation or a proper insulated garage with a dehumidifier. A small sealed garage with condensation, or a damp garage when it rains will be no better than leaving the car parked outside if the moisture is trapped with the car.

(edit) my bad I didn't realise you bought the car back so probably dont know how it was stored.
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