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Some feedback from me!
I fitted a set of 800 to the front calipers and 600 to the rears of my Stage 4.25 GTR about a week before we went on circuit to test the compounds. The fitting of the pads was very easy, backing plates were exactly correct in size and no issues at all during fitment. I used the pads daily doing normal everyday driving and was immediately impressed with cold bite from what was essentially a mainly track based pad. So far there has been no squealing from the pad, unlike the Pagid Rs29 which was fitted previously.
We then arranged a track session where both cars fitted with different compounds would be tested. Initial tests involved using the pads in a simulated emergency stop from cold, disc temps were taken using an AP thermo probe,the starting temp was 14C. The car was accelerated to 110mph and an extreme braking pressure applied, in both compounds the pad bite was excellent with very good frictional properties, I would have no hesitation in using the 800 pad as a normal road pad.
Next the pads were subjected to some very harsh and prolonged braking, the cars were accelerated to approx 85mph and braked hard to 20 mph with about 10 secs between each application, this gave about 6 hard braking points per lap and this continued for approx 15 laps. At the end of the hard braking the pads were smoking, this is normal for new pads when first used very hard, when the test was repeated no smoke came off the pads, disc temp was 450c.
Final test was to see how stable the pads were, this was done on the runway, the GTRs were accelerated to 100mph, hands taken off the wheel and a very hard brake application bringing speed down to 0, both GTRs deviated by only 2m to the right, as both cars went the same amount and same distance I suspect this could have been a slight incline on the runway.
Overall I was very impressed with the pads, I particularly liked the lack of noise and cold bite and the the very competitive price. I will feed back in a few months on how the pads wear and the wear situation on the discs, on my car it was tested using standard size AP grooved discs.

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