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Hmm, not so sure. Depends what you want.

I like my CBA because it's hard and raw and mechanical, I don't like the idea of a quieter, more refined and comfortable sports car, but then I don't drive it daily.

I bought the wife an M135i, it's really nice, the auto box is smooth, it's quiet, comfortable and not too big, heated seats, directional lights, good nav. Our third is on the way this year so looking to chop it in, thinking of an M3, but the rear seats of the RS6 (2015) looks better for 3 car seats. I then saw the S6, the 2017 is slightly cheaper, probably just as quick with better nav and the lovely looking virtual cockpit.

I also need reliability for my wife and 3 small children. The newer car I think will trump the older one here....

Still looking....
R35 gone for 2019 C63s family wagon...
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