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Originally Posted by K66 SKY View Post
Yeah, To me the brand new Aston Martin V8 Vantage looks like a Mazda MX-5 Coupé!

I've felt like this for years G-Zilla. So many comfy and safety gadgets are fitted to modern vehicles that it takes little or no skill to control them, Even the poorest of Drivers now thinks they're as good as Schumacher or Senna!

This is the other problem I have with performance car manufacturers today. Gone is the time when true M-Power Cars are the limited number top of the range lairy manual specials which are difficult to drive and only for the true die hard hairy chested enthusiasts of the breed to Own! Its all been diluted and watered down almost into utter insignificance as more desirable to the average folk M styling, M trim level or M inspired fuel efficient Planet saving tree hugging lesser models take over the entire BMW marketplace.

I'd honestly be a multi millionaire if I had a fiver for every diesel M trim level BMW Owner whose tried telling me that their rare and exclusive vehicle is just as good as the real M3's/M5's etc, etc....

Nailed it right on the head, K66. I hate hate hate how all new BMWs like putting the M badges on every single panel of the car to show it's "pedigree." God damn, the E60 M5 started that whole bull shit with the excessive necessity of M badges. If I had to choose between an E28 M5 or the brand new M5 that was released not too long ago, I'd go with the E28. That is a real BMW, not the eco sh*t boxes that they're making it. Now, people buy it because of the badge. I've been lurking through some of the Bimmer forums and seems that there is a big divide between the old BMWs (before Bangle era cars) and new BMWs.

Mercedes and Audis are sh*t too (sorry, I'm and old school Bimmer fan boy I admit), with those exhausts that burble but have no power to prove their speed, and if they do have power the Schumacher driver almost always makes a mistake on the road's proving grounds even with the electronic nannies that are present to keep their little p*ssies safe.

Just give me a car with a good engine, manual transmission, and exhaust note. The other amenities can be for later.
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