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How to quickly advance a build? miss all the boring wiring bits and simply attach this photo

Basically i managed to source all the required bits and totally forgot about taking any photos, but it now has a wire in link g4+ ecu, everything works perfectly... well did do, anyway everything works as expected functionality wise, there was still some tiding up to do but a road test was first.

It worked well except boost control was not controlled at all (notice in the photo the mac valve is bypassed) due to the shear volume of air the car was now getting the puny little wastegate in the oem turbo couldn't cope with the flow, so i was going to remove it and port the wastegate, once i removed the turbo i could see three damaged fins, so that was it for road mapping, didn't get very far into it unfortunately, but once i found this i debated with myself on my next options for roughly the next 12 minutes.

So now the turbo side of the car is stripped down again, ready for some new tasty looking parts, i decided it was upgrade time, avoiding the standard hybrid options, so here was my new shopping list.

A bung (for the catch can where the green glove finger is)
a new ss lambda sensor boss
AEM fuel pump
ID1050x's r35 GTR injectors
Leadfoot manifold with EGT bungs welded into each runner (same guys that modded my inlet manifold for me)
custom made downpipe + screamer pipe parts (so i can sit and phaff)
hypergate 45 (set my spring pressure to 17psi)
Borgwarner SXE-252 super core
Turbo oil line / drain.
Link 4 bar map sensor.

Current position? awaiting delivery of the manifold so i can start chucking it all in, as the only things i have not done is the exhaust setup and turbo lines as i am unsure of final placement, apart from that, good to go

sidenote though, probably wont be adding the 6 egt's in straight away as i believe i need some recovery time, be update in a few months time same with giving the ecu oil pressure signal, will have to keep my beady eye on the oem gauge for now.

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