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Originally Posted by r33brett View Post

Anyway I'm currently in the middle of getting ready to buy my dream car the R33 GTR I'm going to import one through torque GT (used them a couple times now) and just wondering is the R33 GTR Vspec worth it, as there are a couple non Vspec's I could get and wasn't sure if it was worth waiting for a Vspec to come up or not as there is a stunning midnight purple gtr I could get that is non vspec but is mint has 64k miles on it and top grade just after some info if I should wait or pass up getting this midnight purple non vspec gtr?

By the way I would never track the car I would probably go to some RWYB drag days at santa pod but that would be it.

The search function is your friend r33brett, Clicky the linky below!

That topic above has real world Owner and Tuner experiences and actual video footage showing you the exact performance differences between V-Spec and non V-Spec BNR33's!

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