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I had a quick hour or so on the GTR yesterday and got my blue Autobahn88 breather hoses on. After doing those, I had a good listen to the car while she was running and confirmed I do have an exhaust leak, most likely from the manifold. It isn't blowing too badly and is only really noticeable when under load.

Old hoses out - I never put the 3rd hose in as it was a PITA to get out.

New hoses in:

Quite pleases with myself, I went back indoors and had a nice cup of tea. But I wasn't happy... Bored, I had a look at what an exhaust manifold gasket leak would cost to fix. Estimates anywhere from a few hours to a full days labour were popping up on Google, and I wasn't having that for a pair of gaskets!

Now, it may have been the litre and a bit of JD Honey that I drunk with my sister-in-law (it was her 40th), but I thought it would be a good idea to have a look myself and "just" get the air filters off and have a look how involved things are.

Well, that escalated quickly...

I also got my front splitter off to make access for my jack and to the underpanel easier, and to drain the coolant out. Having access, I found half of the bolts that hold the splitter on were missing and half of those that were actually there then snapped when I tried to remove them as they were so rusty! Similar story on the manifold heat shields, first one I loosened off, 2 of 3 bolts snapped. I don't think they have ever been off given the car still runs ceramic turbos. I haven't bothered with #2 yet!

So, that's where I'm at. I'm waiting on my crows foot set to come today, couple of extension bars and a knuckle, a bolt extractor set too. Hopefully I'll have the turbos off on Thursday or Friday as I'm working this week! I don't have the money for the R1's yet, but I'm close. I don't see the point in doing all this only to put it all back together again and then buy & have the new turbos fitted later. I'll see how I go, but I think save a bit more and buy them sooner rather than later. I already have the HPI elbows to go on and new Nismo / Nissan gaskets anyway...

Oh, also found a snapped stud on the front pipe (I think it is) no leaks though and it is rusty to buggery, so probably been like it quite a while! Ah, and an oil leak coming from the exhaust side rocker cover gasket. I have these too and new half moon seals so that may be another job while everything is apart, then get the covers sprayed in my new colour.
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