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Originally Posted by Jimbostir View Post
Nice one. Keep us posted. Tip take the rear turbo off first.
Trying to... I don't think the car is up high enough, I've bought some axle stand rubbers so I can use them rather than my (low) ramps. Took me an hour to get the rear turbo water line off, I swear to God I was at the point of setting fire to the ****ing car or selling it as a project!!!

EVERYTHING I've tried to take off has snapped, rounded, or is just generally shit. I'm starting to regret not paying someone else to do this for me now, maybe I'm just tired from a long day at work... Currently having to take the rocker covers off to get to the two 10mm bolts holding the water line bracket. Of course, they have started to round and you can't get a socket in there to get them off!

Very very frustrated, dare I say angry. I never knew these were such a ****ing joke to work on!! Joy's of 25 year old bolts that have never been off.

Oh, christ knows how you get the front pipe off (first thing the manual says to do) I can't even see the bolts! Like I said, car probably isn't high enough.
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