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Originally Posted by Jimbostir View Post
One of my heat shield bolts snapped. I drilled it and tapped it. All good. I’ve run the die grinder round the inside of the manifolds to give it a better flow. The reason I’ve not gone for new manifolds is: if they crack its a complete shit to replace, and the HPI turbo elbows don’t have threads to fit the turbo supports, so the turbos will be hanging from the turbos so the manifolds need to be strong.
That, and they're £800! New type are cast rather than welded though, so should be strong. Didn't know that about the HPI elbows, good info thank you. I'll have another go at them when I eventually get the lot out, got to be worth a drill and tap to save cash. I've got a proper extractor set coming (left handed extractor) which should be better than the screw extractor set! I only got that from work today too, grrr... (Cant complain, it was free!)

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