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Car jacked up further and axle stands in. I've left the jack up and put in two extra stands as a 'just in case'. Front pipes nuts off (and a stud... ) Oil and water lines to the turbos undone, 7 of 8 turbo / manifold nuts off and now I'm stuck again. I can't for the life of me get the 13mm on the rear right side of the rear turbo off. Tried my crows foot, stubby 13mm ring / open spanner, socket with elbows, I just can't get to it! Got the hard lines in the way which I can't see where you remove them from (diagram says back of the block!?)

Given up for tonight, getting backache and losing patience with it again. I think I might need to remove the front pipe to drop the turbos down? I also can't see the support brackets that are supposedly near the oil lines? Unless I'm being thick.
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