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Got the front pipe off, but I had to take the decat off too - I've now found the cat temp sensor won't come out as it is so rusted into the decat. Of course, the black plug won't fit through the hole in the floor so I may well just cut it and buy a new one. I should have a spare decat pipe anyway to replace the lot. Everything seems to have had instant gasket / black sealant used on it too, rather than proper gaskets.

Rear turbo is now loose, I found the support brackets in the end! Lol I didn't realise the picture is of the underside of the car! I've got the front one to do, but I'm working these next few nights so it'll have to wait now. Rear turbo seems to be catching on the heat shield of the front turbo, I've got everything off (I think) bar one oil line at the bottom into the block? Not sure I need to remove this though.

While scrabbling about underneath I also found my alternator has lost a nut on the back holding the bolt in place. This had then moved to within about 15mm of the belt! Glad I started this myself now, finding little bits and pieces that need putting right!
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