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Handling upgrades - eibach ARBs and springs


Been researching quite a bit on the forum and have noticed a lot of people opt for the eibach pro kit lowering springs which does 20/15mm drop

I already have hubcentric 15mm spacers all round with 265/305 tyre set up and curious to hear reviews from people who have upgraded their Anti roll bars

I have noticed the eibach are priced decently as both front and rear can be had for around £330
Problem is though when you consider the sizes I question is there a significant difference for all the money

Stock front is 33mm
Eibach front is 34mm

Stock rear is 14mm
Eibach rear is 16mm

I havenít tracked it yet but the car is more a street use car.
Then I am told not to touch the front and just change the rear to a 20mm roll bar as that will reduce understeer

If I donít have to spend money I wonít, but since Iím getting the springs fitted Iím considering doing these at the same time

Would love to hear from people with these on and if there is any real difference
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