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10 Years In The Making!!

10 years ago when the first GTR's hit the UK roads I was 17, just got my licence and said to myself I need one of them. First one I seen was a Kuro Black 09 and I immediately fell in love.

Over the last decade other manufacturers have had a crack at beating the GTR and some have, but for me it was never a question of if but when i would get into one.

Happy to say that after many years of working, getting a house etc, I have put a deposit down on a lovely Katsuka Orange MY17 with 5000 miles and the lovely (imo) tan interior.

Picking her up on Friday and not so surprisingly I dont know how to pass the time! I cant sleep, and when I do I dream of collection day. Am I sad? Possibly.

Just need to sort the insurance out which is where I would like to ask fellow owners who they are with. I live in the North East and am 27 years old, 8 years ncb, no convictions/points etc currently getting quotes around £1500. Is this normal or excessive? Dont mind paying it of course just dont want to have my pants pulled down.

Coming from a Golf R MK7 pushing 420hp, it's safe to say I'm in for a surprise.

Hope to be a helpful part of the GTR community, you'll always know I will come out with the strangest questions, please dont be afraid to put me in my place!
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