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Originally Posted by Monster GTR View Post
I had exactly that with my 59 plate back in the day as it wasn't being used and hence missed it. Was every 6 months service then though. I would want some price adjustment. Trouble for you is that I don't think there are many Orange cars with the tan leather, most are black, so to find another maybe hard.
Annoys me how people have these cars and miss services.
You sure its been missed and not just updated in the book?
Only you can decide. I was like you and so excited but everything else stacked up so went ahead. Nissan honoured warranty and paid out two claims. This could be a problem though if it was a big component claim.
Yeah well it's from Nissan Lincoln and they are saying it definitely hasn't had 1st service but only done 5000 miles so should be okay. Had the second year one recently though which is the bigger service I think.

I would really like the orange with tan so seriously struggling to know what I want to do. Would a price adjustment or asking for another year of warranty as Nissan could reject warranty claim be the way forward?
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