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Right so since my last post the car is up and running just need to go out and carry on mapping it now my little gremlin is fixed.

so details of what i have done is as follows, I stripped the hot side of the block completely down and basically threw it all in a neat pile at the side of the garage, bought some AN fittings for the oil feed / drain line for the new turbo and plumbed them in, went along and bought a leadfoot racing manifold and asked for 6 EGT bungs to be welded in place for individual EGT's, (have bought but not fitted yet)

Bought the AEM fuel pump and fitted that (its loud but at least you know it works) required just a small chop to the oem hard line fuel pick up pipe as it was slightly longer, so that was a simple fit, aside from have 3/4 tank of fuel.

The IDX 1050x injectors were fun to try and fit as the connector is further towards the base of the injector so you have to be careful with the rotation of them to get them as far into the plenum as possible, i then trimmed every connector to make sure they would click into place, fitment is just that tight.

The hypergate was fitted with the 17psi spring, i then lowered that to 7psi, although i am probably going to raise it to around 13psi tomorrow, somewhere in between. The link 4 bar map sensor ended up in the same place as the oem one and was a very simple swap over.

I also refitted my hks bov into the intercooler pipework, just because i had it really, i didn't really want to keep it but, i just kind of did, still sounds nice when i have a mix of turbo flutter some dump when coming off of the throttle from the screamer pipe, its fairly nice.

The borg warner sxe-252 supercore is a nice little turbo, its very responsive and will be good for some decent power which i am looking forward to, planning on limiting it at roughly 500ish bhp.

After all this though i still need to clean up my firewall / bulkhead it is still dirty

interior is back together too, just need to some more under bonnet tiding and some heat management (turbo blanket / heatwrap) it gets rather warm under there.


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