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Originally Posted by Mike-998 View Post
This is exactly what I found, 20+ years of other people's fixes and things falling apart i guess.

I had things like silicon hose turned 180 degrees and cable tied to block off hardlines, and rubber hoses plugged with bolts. Auto silicon hoses do some lovely black blanks though.
Haha yep! Carbon canister had been removed previously, lines were just cut and left there. Got a split in the water line that goes around the front of the block, but that was me because it is so old and dry, it cracked very easily. I have a full silicone hose kit to go on to replace all those though. It's just a bit frustrating having jobs done, and simple things like gaskets not being replaced and instant gasket / silicone type stuff used instead... I've now got the cold the rest of the family had, typically just in time for my 12 days off! 3 more nights to go first, so hopefully it comes on properly and burns out for me like it has for everyone else in the house.

I really want to get on, I've not put a spanner on the car for a couple of weeks or so now!
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