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Originally Posted by SHRS92 View Post
Hey guys,

Have had the car for 2 weeks now and I'm already unhappy with the exhaust ***x1f648; it's just way too quiet.

I have heard the Titan Street and imo it's not as loud as I would like it for a weekend car so was hoping to get the Race instead. Now my question is where is currently the best place to buy from along with the cast downpipes for the best price. Jurgen has stated that Linney no longer sells them and only the street is available along with a new X something version.

On the other hand if anyone has one used with downpipes or without between £1500 (without dp) £2k (with dp) please let me know.

Currently the best place I can see is from xclusive autosports, £2400 for race and £720 for downpipes.

Thank you
If you plan on tracking your car, the Titan street is too noisy for many tracks, so the Titan race will limit your options further
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