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Originally Posted by gtr33 vspec View Post
Thanks for reply

I know the pfc can handle more last year I got rebuilt steel tubs all fuelling hard pipes thicker head gasket,head bolts and all other gaskets changed coil packs plugs Nismo mafs etc etc

Car feels faster but donít get a kick from it if ya get me tuner said with the link and boost solenoid it will bring them in together and give what I need more tuneable,
just unsure after spending all that money and feeling the same as stock ( might just be delivering power @ same curve etc but more boost up top)

if itís worth say doing things to bottom end for more boost and a remap on pfc than maybe wasting on new ecu decisions decisions

Iíd advise to do the bottom end and stick with the pfc unless you can afford both!

It is worth it but itís down to your financial judgment!

Good luck.
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