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So hereís the update, got the pro kit springs fitted by a independant garage who have done this before
Did this first and noticed some knocking when driving over uneven rough road surfaces. Thought it was normal and was the top mounts at the back

Went to auto torque to fit the eibach front and rear roll bars and identified the rear oem arb bushes were knackered as well as play in the rear drop links

Quick solution with Joel and chris and fitted super pro rear drop links. My front oem drop links looked new so no need to changed there

The quality of the super pro parts is very high standard. Along side the eibach roll bars over the oem ones. So a quick set up of the geo and my god the drive feels new and fresh
Eliminated that annoying bounce that was there previously. Driving in race mode for suspension doesnít become teeth shattering. Itís as if the acceleration and manouvering on the road is lighter and feels quicker putting the power down
Total cost was £1000
All parts, labour and geo but my god itís the best £1000 Iíve spent on her

Some pics to show





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