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As usual, things haven't gone as planned. I lost my aunt last week and two days after that my wife lost her nan. I haven't been particularly motivated to do a lot of anything, I threw myself into the car for a few hours just to get out of the house and gather my thoughts & feelings. It helped for a while, but grief has a funny way of hitting you when you least expect it.

I got the turbos and manifolds out and O2 sensors removed, cleaned up the mating surfaces for the new gaskets and went in to try and get the broken heat shield bolts out. Well, that didn't work either - 4 broken drill bits, a broken screw extractor and 2 broken bolt extractors later I gave up. I flicked though Ebay and found Sumo Power had the Tomei full cast manifolds (the newer, stronger type) and ordered them. I'll get pics up at some point, I've only had a quick look at them. They're fantastic quality, very impressed. Should give me a bit more response and power combined with the other parts I have to go on

Quick pic of the old parts:

I've got a few more pics, but I'm at work and can't remember the file names. Hoping to get on with the car after nights rather than doing nothing all week again.
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