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With GTR STILL being up at Owens and the MX-5 now fixed up as my daily summer runabout, I was feeling at a bit of a loose end and craving some mechanical tinkering!!!

Well, I ended up buying an R53 Mini Cooper S....

Bought it from a chap up in London as a non-runner for £400. Turned up with the trailer, turned the key and 'click'.......

Resigned myself to the fact that it would need a strip down and rebuild as it had most probably siezed. Fair enough, was what I had expected.....
Got it home and thought I'd get a socket on the crank pulley bolt and see what was what!!.....

Locked solid!!

In a moment of craziness, I decided to try and spin the engine backwards.....

And it moved freely!! But try and move it forwards and it would lock solid once again. No play, just instantly locked....

Anyways, after much head scratching it turned out that the alternator had exploded and had locked. This, in turn, meant that the belt in the normal running direction was jamming solid but would slip when turned in reverse. A new £60 alternator had the car running like a dream!!

So, a running R53 for £460 all-in!! Not too shabby!

Didnt take long before the interior was all ripped out, and various bits ordered. Idea is to create a Mini GP homage i.e. a pair of buckets, rear cage, no back seats etc and somewhere in the region of 270bhp.

+2% crank pulley

5% alternator pulley and 15% supercharger pulley

Bigger intercooler, silicone intake hose and other bits

Eibach pro-kit

Home made rear strut brace

Got some Bilstein B8's on order along with a few other bits. Should be a blast when its done!! Fancied a Cooper S for a few years now. Household's now up to 8 cars so I've decided the 306 Rallye has to go. I COULD keep it as I have LOADS of space but in all fairness it would just sit and gather dust. Besides, I have cars for different 'missions' and the Mini and 306 both perform the Hot Hatch mission. As I dont do overlaps, the 306 must go. I've had 5 years of unbelievably happy times with it but to get more power from it would require forced induction. The Mini already has this so a better base in that respect. Seeing as I saved the 306 from certain destruction I can feel a little bit of pride knowing that I brought it back to life and allowed it to flourish. Its a well documented car and I'm sure will serve someone very well. If anyone is interested then please PM me for details.

Anyway, the King is dead....long live the King!!!!!

R32GTR- Stage 6; Frank Baxter exhaust with K-pipe; Rick Astley cams; Dave Gahan electrics; Bjorn Ulvaeus race prep; Howard Jones gearbox upgrade; Ray Charles body mods and styling. Mapped by Glenn Medeiros.------> Beat that R35 owners with dodgy parts list sigs :)

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